What You Should Be Focusing on During Quarantine!

I decided to put this picture here because I like pizza and it looked good.

Okay, focus Blake. What I'm here to talk about today is what you need to be focusing on right NOW. Right now as in quarantine. Nationwide lockdown. Forced to be home all day. Yes, that large elephant in the room.

While in no way, shape, or form is this a post telling you that this is the time to overhaul your eating habits or go on some life transformation. DISCLAIMER: I do help people do this for a living, so there will be a time and place where I talk about it, but this isn't it.

This is a post telling you about the basics. The things we know to be true, the things we know still stand, and what we can always revert back to no matter what.

I'm referring to covering your a** with the simplest forms of nutrition. I'm not telling you that you can't eat Oreos. I'm telling you that you CAN eat some fruit or get fiber in. You CAN get 8 hours of sleep (maybe even more now). You CAN step outside and catch some sunlight. You CAN drink enough water.

These are literally the basics of nutrition and they can be done even while on quarantine.

Everyone is stressed out. This is a hard time for literally the world. So yes, there is room for you to eat something that relaxes you, you can have a drink (or two), or even binge watch a whole series (we watched all 7 episodes of Tiger King in one night).

Yet, there is still room for you to be hitting those basics. There is still room to eat a few pieces of fruit a day. You still have room for some veggies on the side. You still have room to sleep. You still have room to get water in. These aren't anything fancy, they're just part of taking care of the meat suit we live in.

I'm a nutrition coach. Even I've had a half of bottle of red wine. I've stayed up super late playing video games. I've snacked for the hell of it. I'm not perfect, and I'm not asking you to be.

Focus on the bare minimums and get it done peeps. Focus on what you CAN do and not so much what you CAN'T do.

I'm here for you. I hear your struggles. I can help you out.

I'm just a short click away.

I hope this finds you well and maybe helps you out a little during this hard time.

Peace and Love,

Coach Blake


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