4 Foods With Superpowers

In the world of food, there is just so much that it can be overwhelming. I mean the numerous combinations, fruits, meats, veggies, and nuts. That's not even the half of it. So, we tend to look for the foods that we like. The foods that taste good. However, what about the foods we can benefit from.

What's cool about food is that, in a way it can work like medicine. Hippocrates said it.

"Let food be thy medicine, and let medicine be thy food."

I mean, that's stood the test of time and been around longer than we may know.

We can literally take food and use it to make us feel better, increase our cognition, build muscle, be stronger, etc, etc. The list goes on. Yet, we tend to write this off sometimes.

Okay, I'll get off my soap box and start talking about what you came here for ;)

4 Foods That Make a Difference

1. Kimchi

Kimchi is just fermented cabbage. Often times it's made in a spicy chili mixture. It may be something new to some people, and then there are crazy people like me who are addicted to it. There's something about the spice and tangy flavor that just lights me up.

Regardless, what does it do?

It's fermented. Meaning that it contains a ton of healthy bacteria. These bacteria are what we call probiotics. Probiotics help by populating our gut micro-biome. Yup, there are a ton of critters living a nice happy life, right in your intestines. They feed on certain types of food and fiber, thus increasing your digestion rates, but also releasing various gasses and/or other nutrients. This helps us, and creates a symbiotic relationship.

Now, when we eat kimchi, we are adding in some good bacteria to create a strong system down there.

The benefits are numerous. When you have a healthy gut, you digest food better, it can improve your skin, improve your mood, and it even has a link to your cognition.

They like to call the gut micro-biome the second brain of the body due to the many things it has an impact on.

Now, with that being said, adding in some kimchi probably sounds like a pretty good idea! Yet, it doesn't have to be kimchi. Any fermented foods such as yogurt, sauerkraut, and kombucha are great sources of healthy bacteria or probiotics.

2. Kiwi

These taste so good. While the idea of eating a fruit that has hair may seem a little weird, they are insanely good for you. What's cool about a kiwi is that is contains a TON of Vitamin C. As you know, this is good for boosting your immune system. Yet, that's not what makes them so great.

Kiwi can be helpful with your sleep. That's right. 1-2 kiwi before bed may help you to sleep longer and harder. Why is this so? Kiwi contains a higher level of serotonin than most fruit. Serotonin is kind of a feel good hormone, but it helps you to fall asleep faster as well as sleep harder.

We tend to think that just because we were in bed for 12 hours, that we got good sleep. However, the opposite can be true. We may have been in bed for a long time, yet that doesn't mean you sleep deeply. The quality of your sleep matters way more than the amount. And, we can use some little hairy fruit to help get that deeper sleep.

The benefits that come from this are numerous. Better sleep has been associated with losing weight, more focus, and even longevity. So, kiwi can be a pretty strong helper in the health department.

3. Turmeric

Turmeric is a spice that comes from a root. If you are familiar with Indian cuisine such as curry, then you may have come in contact with it. This yellow spice is extremely powerful. It contains a ton of antioxidants, but also a compound called curcumin. This compound is a powerful anti-inflammatory.

Inflammation is a problem that plagues a numerous amount of people. We get it from pollution, processed foods, chemicals, stress, and multiple other sources. It's a mainstream cause of some disease in the human body. Thus, if we can reduce it, then we may be able to reduce some occurrence of disease.

By including turmeric, you are helping the body calm down a little bit. However, just throwing some turmeric on your foods could be beneficial, but it won't be as potent. That's why it is advised that you get a supplement form. This makes it more concentrated so that it can do its job well.

There are some people who shouldn't be taking a ton of it. And they include:

- Breast feeding mothers

- Those taking anti-diabetic drugs

- People who are iron deficient and taking iron supplements

4. Walnuts

Did you know that some cultures believe if a certain food resembles a certain body part, it will directly have an impact on it when consumed. One of these being a walnut. If you've ever seen a walnut out of the shell, it looks like a brain. And fascinating enough, it is good for your brain!

Walnuts are a great source of DHA, which is an omega-3 fatty acid. These may have a direct impact on your brain health, in the form of memory and reducing neurodegenerative disease.

So, if you are in the market for a healthier brain, these would be a great addition to your day-day diet.

It is advised to be careful with how many you are consuming, mainly due to the fact that they are rich and may make you a little nauseous if you eat a ton at one time. You also want to be careful due to the fact that they are higher in calories. So, just be mindful of your consumption with the other foods you are consuming.

So, there you have it. Four foods that can help you out. These may be some that you already eat, or maybe it's time for you to go out and try something new. Regardless, the point is that food can help you in so many ways. We often forget that we can be in control of our health to an extent.

Try adding these in and see how you feel :)

Peace and Love

Coach Blake

*I am not a doctor and by no means is this advice meant to treat or heal. These are just dietary recommendations to work towards more optimal health.*


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