1 Big Mistake That You Make in the Morning

Everybody has a routine. I mean they should because routine is important to the human brain. We operate well when we have some sort of structure to how the day is going to go. When used in the morning, it helps to build momentum and get you moving in the right direction.

However, we tend to make one big mistake.

Like most, we get up, and the first thing we do is used the bathroom. From there we may make our way to the kitchen and start brewing that ever desired cup of joe. I mean, even just the smell is enough to get things going.

We have our cup, or two. And then we make another trip to the bathroom. This time it's #2.

You may be reading this thinking, what's wrong with that?

There's a common theme. You're constantly losing fluids.


You sweat some in your sleep and more than likely breathed from the mouth as you slept. This causes you to lose fluid and electrolytes. You then got up in the morning to urinate, thus eliminating more fluids. From there you got coffee, which is a natural diuretic, which leads to even more fluid wanting to be lost. And to top it off you lose even more in your feces. You, my friend, are dehydrated.

We tend to start the day in a dehydrated state. We then make it worse as the day goes on. And THEN we try to make up for lost time. Now, when you are looking to hydrate, it's not an instantaneous process. It really needs to be a proactive thing.

So, if you ever notice that you have low energy, brain fog, or even a headache as you move into the day. It's more than likely that you just haven't hydrated your body.

Now, how can you fix the problem?

All you have to do is make sure that you are replacing what is lost. You don't have to measure your sweat or anything ridiculous. Just make sure that getting in some water FIRST thing is a priority. At least give yourself a fighting chance.

My go-to solution is that I won't allow myself a cup of coffee until I've finished roughly two glasses of water. Trust me, it takes willpower. But, it's very worth it.

Set yourself up for success, versus being your own form of sabotage.

Let's get better together!

Peace and Love

-Coach Blake


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