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Removing stress from nutrition so that you can gain confidence in your body again.

We all have a story. Often times it may feel that we are locked into this story and there is no way of changing the narrative. 

Well that is all wrong! You can change your narrative around health and that is what The Wholesome Habit Project is about. 

Using proven methods we work to improve your health, relationship with food, language, and overall quality of life. 


1-on-1 coaching that is tailored to your needs. To find out what you need support with, all you have to do is fill out the free application and schedule your free discovery call.


On this call, we will dig a little deeper into your goals and what motivates you. 

Coaching may differ from person to person. However, everyone will have access to contact me through email with any questions or concerns. We will set up weekly coaching calls to talk things over and get coached by me! 

What you need to do: 

1. Click the button below to apply 

2. Book your FREE discovery call

3. Fill out the application that you get in your email

4. Be brutally honest with me 

We will have our discovery call at the time you booked. From there we will book your next sessions, get you set up for payment, and prepare to change your life! 


Regardless of your goal, if you trust the process and give me your full commitment you WILL see results. This is a process and I don't promise you overnight results, but we will get to your destination. I will help you empower yourself to make those desired changes and become the best version of yourself! 

To get started click the button below!