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A Coaching Program to Build Habits for a Healthy Lifestyle

Win your workouts, think clearer, be confident, use habit strategies that work, connect mind and body, and have fun doing it.

More Confidence | More Connection | More Results


Does Any of This Sound Familiar...

Doing or feeling just okay...?

Struggling to stay focused or think clearly?

Lacking confidence to do the things you want?

Not feeling as strong as you know you are?

Trying countless diets but nothing sticks?

Getting on the scale often ends in disappointment?


Build A Lifestyle That You Love

More Confidence 

Build yourself up by accomplishing small goals that we will create together. Showing up for yourself through habits, goals, and small wins will skyrocket your confidence. Time to be as strong as you know you are.

Habits Make It Second Nature

It doesn't have to suck. We get to make it easy with this program by integrating everything into your day to day life. You'll get to use a proven method for making any habit you desire.

The Progress You've Dreamed About

Time to ditch the scale and make the progress you really want. This is about YOU! Get healthy, win in the gym, and live a lifestyle people are jealous of!


Results Are Closer Than You Think


Click "Schedule a Call Now"

You'll pick a time to talk with a coach. They'll discover what you want and decide the best path for your goals.

STEP 2: 

Choose a Start Date

Once we've decided the best plan of action for you, and set your goals. You'll meet with your coach each week and have support whenever you need it.


Welcome to More Than Just Okay

Get ready for more confidence, more mental clarity, and more results. Get ready to feel empowered and be who you want to be. 


"I'm seeing progress towards my ultimate goal. Finally being pushed into a direction that was hard finding on my own."

-Seth Austin


The Reality: Habits Make Us

Habits are really just what we do. We do them on a daily basis, whether it's brushing your teeth or biting your nails. There's good ones and there's bad ones. We focus on making the good ones in this program. 

With the use of habits, you can build whatever you want. 

You've probably tried every cookie cutter program, every meal plan, or every supplement you can think of to get results. None of it sticks. Yet, it doesn't have to be this way...

You GET to upgrade your lifestyle into something that fits YOU. You GET to focus on improving your health so that you can do the things you LOVE. It's time to try something new. It's time to do what sticks. It's time to get results from a world class program. 



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-Don S.

When it comes to staying on track with fitness, weight management and nutrition sometimes success comes not from the train’s engineer but the engineer who designed and laid out the course of the track. No matter how much ground you have to cover I suggest you let Blake design and engineer a customized track to help you get to where you want to be.

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A Guide to Creating Habits and Changing Behaviors

Learn the PROVEN process that we use to create habits that last. If you want to use a proven method for creating a lifestyle that fits your schedule, get your copy.


Take Responsibility for What You Want

You can break the cycle of hopping from diet to diet. 

You can get the results you seek.

Stop being just okay and book your FREE call.